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Berea Baptist Church was organized in 1939. Members from Hickory Grove Baptist Church formed a new congregation as a mission outreach for the community which was led by Reverend Tom Roach. The newly formed church group met in homes until 1940 when the first building was erected. 

Over the years, the following additions and improvements have been made to Berea Baptist Church:


1967 - The Education Building was added.

1978 - The parking lot was paved. 

2003 - The Fellowship Building was constructed.

2004 - The church became incorporated.

2013 - The church sanctuary was remodeled.


Berea Baptist Church has been fortunate to have been blessed with many wonderful pastors for the furthering of the ministry through the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ:


1939 - 1946: Tom Roach

       1946 - 1952: Judson Stafford

      1952 - 1954: Glenn Caldwell

          1954: Bud Payne

       1954 - 1979: Glenn Caldwell

         1979 - 1980: Reverend Barnes

1980 - 1982: Gerry Davis

   1982 - 1989: Ronnie Cheek

        1989 - 1999: Edwin Broadway

    1999 - 2012: Mike Forrester

     2013 - present: Dr. Rick Ivey


Our goal at Berea Baptist Church is to see the lost come to know our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ by reaching out to the community and spreading the Good News of Jesus. 

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