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Extending HOPE through the LOVE, COMFORT, and GRACE of JESUS.

When Our Life Seasons.

Discovering God’s purpose for our life… .how do we do that? Well, for starters we pray and stay faithful in reading God’s Word. He will lead us onto a path that will glorify Him while giving us comfort, strength, encouragement, sending like-minded people our way to enjoy and share in the abundance of being a child of God.

Some of you have been on the journey of widowhood for many years, while a few are experiencing a more recent loss. Journeys are different and we do not fit into a mold. Regardless, we all share a connecting bond that links us to each other.

The purpose of this ministry is to share and express among our sisters whatever we are experiencing, whether good, bad, happy or sad, or maybe, just to listen. Sharing Bible scripture with one another is always uplifting and something we can look forward to applying in our lives. We will always include a lesson from Jesus in our time together. We do not cast off negativity because we are survivors and children of the Most High God and we will celebrate that!

Let’s get ready for another season change as Spring approaches and see what the Lord has in store for us. Next meeting to be announced soon.

Keep your hearts open. Each day is a NEW Beginning.

“Lord, thank you for reminding us that in You we are more.

In all our decisions help us to shine for You.”

New Beginnings

A Widow's Ministry

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